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About Mana 


Mana Hotta


Life can be challenging. Connecting with a therapist through talking in a safe space can be empowering. I am here to walk alongside you. That is my philosophy. 

I have profound experiences of working on diverse problems with clients from different backgrounds. In particular, I have extensively been working on trauma related issues including sexual violence both for acute and historical events. One of the important aspects of healing from traumatic experiences is to regain a sense of power back in your life. I listen to your own narrative, and we will focus on regaining your power back in your life as well as coping with your day-to-day difficulties. 

I also believe that we don't need to have a significant event to access therapy. Therapeutic space can be beneficial for those who don't have a specific issue, but just want to change something in your life and/or to explore yourself.

I respect the impact of the community, the society, the culture, the nature, and the world on our lives. I integrate these perspectives into my practice, and try to understand things that you are facing in a wider context.   

Professional Qualification

I am an accredited member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

  • Registration Number:  373634


I hold the following degrees: 

  • MA in Counselling, Goldsmith University of London

  • BA in Psychology, Japan Women's University

Clinical Experience

  • the Havens, Sexual Assault Referral Centre, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

  • Haven Network - For Survivors of Abuse, London, UK

  • Hackney Recovery Service, London, UK

  • Place2Be, London, UK

  • Child Social Service, Kawasaki, Japan  


I continuously deepen my expertise to provide therapies at the best standards. 

  Below are training that I have attended​: 

  • Richman Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Training, completed all trainings 

  •  Diploma in Integrative Supervision of Individuals and Groups, The Grove

  • The Trauma Counsellor’s Toolbox: Exercises to Aid Recovery and healing from Complex Trauma

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Foundation Course (STIF)

  • Living in the Bubble: Trauma, Dissociation, Shame and Sex Addiction

  • Domestic Violence Training at King's College Hospital 

  • Adult Sexual Assault Forensic Training Course

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